Nanotechnology & Occupational Health
D.Y.H. Pui, University of Minnesota; A. Maynard, Wilson Ctr.
Goal: International Symposium to address the potential implications and applications of
          nanotechnologies in the workplace, and to develop responsible nanotechnology.
Impact: Ensure relevant risk-research is appropriately directed, and reduce uncertainty over
             how to access and manage the risk of engineered nanomaterials in the workplace.
NNIN-PTL is the organizer of the Sym
429 registrants from 22 countries
Tutorials, Keynotes, Platforms, Posters, and Industrial Forum
16 papers selected for the book by Springer
3rd Int Sym held in Taiwan, 8/29-9/1, 2007
4th Int Sym to be held in Helsinski, 8/26-29, 2009
2nd International Sym