Mechanical Engineering Department
University of Minnesota
David Y. H. Pui, Director
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
LM Fingerson/TSI Inc Chair in Mechanical Engineering
University of Minnesota

CFR History
Started in January, 1991                                                  (co-Founder: RegentsŐ Prof. Emeritus Benjamin Liu)
Current CFR Members
Cummins Filtration
W.L. Gore
Samsung Semiconductor
Shigematsu Works Co., Ltd
NIOSH--Collaborating Affiliate

UMN Center for Filtration Research (CFR)
Filters in Clean Room
Recent Filtration Applications
Nanotechnology & Occupational Health
D.Y.H. Pui, University of Minnesota; A. Maynard, Wilson Ctr.
Foster industry/university collaboration in filtration through
graduate education
continuing education and technology transfer
Help University to become more relevant in its research and education
Encourage industry to utilize the knowledge and skill base available at the University to make itself more competitive in the global market place.

Technical Objectives
Fundamental filtration research and theoretical modeling
Develop improved experimental methods useful for filtration research, filter characterization, and filter testing
Keep abreast of development in fundamental filtration science and new industry and government initiatives
Seek new application of scientific knowledge to practical filtration problems

Faculty, Senior Staff and Visitors
CFR Graduates
CFR Graduates/Students
Research Projects
Liquid-borne Particle Filtration and BioDiesel Filtration
Nanofiber Filtration: Modeling and Experiments
Numerical Investigation of Filtration by Elliptical Fibers
High Temperature Filtration: Particle Bounce?
Nanoparticle Agglomerate Filtration and Loading Test
Cabin Air Filtration
Filtration Efficiency for Nanoparticle Surface Area
Vibration Effect on Filter Loading
Test system development
Experimental study
Gas and Vapor Filtration
Adsorption of low concentration gaseous mixtures on carbon
AMC/VOC control

Research Projects (continued)
Bioaerosol Filtration
Effectiveness of anti-microbial filter treatment
Development of standard test methods for bioaerosol filtration
Effect of air flow and relative humidity on microbial growth rates on loaded filter
Filter Loading
Effect of RH on Particle Loading
Loading of Nanoparticle Agglomerates
Filtration of Combustion Aerosols
Size and charge measurement of combustion aerosols
Crankcase Emission Filtration
Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)
Backpulse Cleaning Process of Cartridge Dust Collectors
Web-based Filtration Software

Nanoparticle Filtration
Slide 15
Slide 16
Experimental Facilities – ASHRAE Wind Tunnel
Kuehn, Tang and Stanley
Cabin air filter – recirculation mode
Evolution of Particle Size Distribution
in Recirculating Air
On-Road In-Car Recirculation Test
Comprehensive Filter Modeling and Design