Improving Air Quality by Using Biodiesel in Generators
Genset Testing at the School of Env. Studies

Darrick Zarling,
Photos taken 5/7/2003 - Courtesy of Dakota Electric
Testing conducted by the University of Minnesota - Center for Diesel Research

Field Demonstration Photos

Biodiesel-test02 Biodiesel-test04 Biodiesel-test05 Biodiesel-test07 copy Biodiesel-test09
Biodiesel-test02.jpg Biodiesel-test04.jpg Biodiesel-test05.jpg Biodiesel-test07 copy.jpg Biodiesel-test09.jpg
Biodiesel-test13 copy Biodiesel-test16 copy      
Biodiesel-test13 copy.jpg Biodiesel-test16 copy.jpg

This field test compared the emissions, particulate and gaseous, from a 3406 Caterpillar engine operated on regular Diesel Fuel and on B20.
The B20 used was a blend of 20% Soy Diesel (soy methyl ester) and 80% of the same regular diesel used as a "baseline" for the testing.
Tests were conducted at two different intake air temperatures and two different loads.

Project Sponsors Include:
Legislative Commission on Minnesota Resources
Minnesota Soybean Growers Association
Agricultural Utilization Research Institute
Dakota Electric Association
Energy Alternatives
Great River Energy

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