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CDR Facilities & Services

Cat C-12

We are curently located within the Power & Propulsion Division's
Spark Ignition and Diesel Engine Laboratories

which are located on the fourth floor of the
Mechanical Engineering Building

The facilities include spark ignition and diesel engines, currently up to 400 kW. Included are standard research, automotive, large truck, and small engine types. The engines are loaded with DC electric, eddy current, and water brake dynamometers. Instrumentation on the engines allow measurements of cylinder pressure, engine temperatures, air and fuel flows, and other important variables. Data is collected and analyzed with PC based data acquisition systems. Emission analyzers are available for determining NOx, CO, CO2, and HC concentrations in engine exhaust. Diesel particle concentrations and size distributions can also be measured using several mini-dilution tunnels and particle instrumentation.

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Last modified: 27 May 2000