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Biodiesel Research and Testing Continues

We recently completed the field study portion of the current project titled "Improving Air Quality by Using Biodiesel in Generators".  Some images are at the "Zoo School" site.  This work follows a large number of biodiesel projects.

VW TDi Testing Resumes

A new Euro IV compliant VW TDi engine has been installed on a regenerative DC dynamometer test stand and emissions testing has begun.  This work follows a significant assortment of tests conducted on a 1999 TDi VW engine.  Those tests included running a synthetic Fischer-Tropsch fuel and 100% RME Biodiesel. We will again be looking at the emissions effects of fuel, especially nanoparticle emissions.  We will also be looking at the effects of lubricating oils on nanoparticle emissions with this engine.

Exhaust Aftertreatment Testing and Development

A variety of recent tests have been conducted to help a customer develop diesel exhaust aftertreatment systems.  DOC's (Diesel Oxidation Catalysts), DPF's (Diesel Particulate Filters) and Lean NOx Catalysts have been tested over a variety of steady state and transient cycles. Particulate and gaseous emissions data are recorded.

The Effects of Lubricating Oils on Nanoparticles

Work is just beginning on several projects that will investigate the effects of lubricating oil formulation on exhaust nanoparticle (nuclei mode particle) emissions.

"Pseudo" FTP Test Cycle

We have successfully implemented a test cycle that mimics the FTP (Federal Test Procedure) heavy-duty transient cycle but does not include any of the motored portions of the cycle.  When the actual cycle calls for the engine to be motored, a no load condition is applied.   The cycle is 1200 seconds long and preliminary results of NOx data show good correlation with the actual test cycle.  We are able to measure raw gaseous emissions during the cycle and those values are integrated to give average brake specific values for the cycle.  A post consent decree Cummins ISM engines is currently installed on the test stand capable of running this cycle.

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