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Old ME480 Engine Lab Photos

The Engine Lab has left the building. Send me any photos that you wish to share.

Thomas E. Murphy Engine Research Laboratory Photos

The new Engine Research Lab is starting to come together. The three dynos are now located in their respective test cells. The 509 HP dyno will occupy one cell and is double-ended, allowing for a quick transition between two test engines. The two 157 HP dynos occupy the other engine test cell and are capable of running individually or coupled together to allow a wide of engine sizes to be tested. The conduit has been run to all the dynos and the cable will be pulled soon. The only thing we are waiting for now is the switch gear for the grid connection.
March 13, 2014

Thomas E. Murphy Engine Research Laboratory Grand Opening

Friday, October 4, 2013
4:30 - 6:30 PM - Program at 5:30 PM

Please join Uwe Kortshagen, Department Head, Mechanical Engineering, and Professors David Kittelson and Will Northrop to tour the newly completed Thomas E. Murphy Engine Research Laboratory.

The new 6,000-square-foot home of the Thomas E. Murphy Engine Research Laboratory off Como Avenue and 29th Avenue S.E. will allow us to expand our research on second and third generation fuels that were not possible in the Fourth Floor Lab. Modern, code-compliant, ground-floor facilities are required to test and use second and third generation renewable fuels dimethyl ether, hydrogen, methanol, butanol, hydrous ethanol and other biofuels). The new space will ensure that state-of-the-art fuels and engine research at Minnesota will continue in the foreseeable future. Overall, the space will promote collaboration between engine experts and industry leaders to train the next generation of students to become engine experts.

– Recent Research Projects –

   The Superbus Project has moved to Phase II and now includes a website where real-time bus data can be viewed.

   The Center for Diesel Research and the Power and Propulsion Laboratory reside within the University of Minnestota's Department of Mechanical Engineering. These labs specialize in measuring engine emissions with a focus on nontraditional particulate emissions measurements. These measurements include metrics such as the particle number concentration, size distribution and surface area. Research topics have included the effect of dulution systems, fuels, lube oils and aftertreatment systems of particulate emissions. Please use the links to the left to learn more about the Center.

   A current area of significant research focus is on DME, a potential key future renewable fuel. Read more about our DME program here.

   A related current research project is on Biofuels for the Farm. Read more about this research here.

   Please call 1-800-841-5849 for general biodiesel related questions about biodiesel fuel use, storage, availability, or other similar questions.
   Please call 1-800-929-3437 with fuel related technical issues or Minnesota specific issues.

Link to the Mobile Emissions Laboratory


Note: This information is for reference only as the MEL has been decommissioned.

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